Dimensioni del tappeto 1,5х1,8m

Imagine this carpet as a gentle child of nature, grown from natural wool, with its weaving. Its bright,

Campo floreale

Dimensioni del tappeto 1,3х2,5m

This woolen rug is a real flower field, where every step turns into a dance among the flower field.


Dimensioni del tappeto 1,25х1,65m

This rug is the embodiment of minimalism and geometric simplicity in interior design. It impresses


Dimensione del tappeto 1,5х2,0m

This rug is a magical journey to distant lands and the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle East,


Dimensioni del tappeto 2,4х1,5m

It is a sophisticated work of art that reflects the rich ethnic heritage of the Carpathian region. Thanks
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