Rug dimention 1,5х1,8m

Imagine this carpet as a gentle child of nature, grown from natural wool, with its weaving. Its bright, yellow color shines like a sunbeam, attracts attention like honey to a bee.

This carpet is a real flowering wonder, with strange flowers scattered all over it. As if they themselves decided to descend from the sky to become the main stars on the dance floor under your feet. Each flower has its own unique appearance, and looking at this carpet it is impossible not to feel like you are in a fairy garden.

When you step on it, it bounces lightly, as if from joy, giving comfort and coziness. Each fiber of wool gently caresses your feet - all these are gentle caresses from nature.

This rug is not just an object of decoration, but a true embodiment of natural beauty and weaving art. It tells the story of witty flowers that chose this path to please you with their unusual shapes and bright shades.

So, let it become a cheerful accent in your interior, which will not only provide comfort, but also bring smiles to the faces of those who see it.

Floral Field

Rug dimension 1,5х2,6m

This woolen rug is a real flower field, where every step turns into a dance among the flower field. Hand-weaving gives it a special charm, and the use of exclusively natural wool ensures softness to the touch, as if you are walking on floral clouds.
It seems as if the flowers started talking and decided to unite to give you a bouquet of unforgettable impressions every time you step on this carpet.
It will fit perfectly into any interior - from classic to modern, and creates harmony, bringing notes of nature and color into your space. Each floral pattern reflects the diversity of nature and reminds us that beauty can be everywhere, even under your feet.
Let this wool carpet become a magical path that will lead you to blooming dreams and leave a smile on your face every time you walk on it.
Enjoy the floral beauty!


Rug dimension 1,25х1,65m

This rug is the embodiment of minimalism and geometric simplicity in interior design. It impresses with its clarity and neatness, where each square creates a sense of order and harmony in your space.
The color palette of the carpet can be a selection of monochrome shades for a minimalist style or include contrasting colors to create a spectacular accent. Regardless of your choice, this rug will add structure and modern character to your interior.
It is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, which will fit into any modern or minimalist interior, giving it charisma and style.


Rug dimension 1,5х2,5m

This rug is a magical journey to distant lands and the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle East, which fascinates with its beauty and wealth of details.
This carpet impresses with its exoticism and wealth of ornaments. It gives your interior a unique ethnic charm and can transport you to sunny Morocco and immerse you in an oriental fairy tale. The basis of the design of the carpet is elegant geometric ornaments, which play their game of visual and color chords. The texture of the carpet can be varied - from soft pile to a patterned woven structure, which adds additional luxury and comfort.
The "Moroccan" rug is not just a decorative element, but a real piece of art for your floor space. It brings warmth, colors and a unique mood of the East into the interior, making every day in your home special.
This rug can be a great addition to your interior, adding an exotic and unique accent.


Rug dimension 2,4х1,5m

It is a sophisticated work of art that reflects the rich ethnic heritage of the Carpathian region. Thanks to its sophisticated design and exquisite coloring, it creates a unique atmosphere that combines elegance and tradition.
This carpet is decorated with patterns and motifs inspired by the ethnic customs and crafts of the Carpathian region. It adds unparalleled beauty and originality to your interior.
The color palette includes natural shades such as red, brown and yellow, which give the room peace and harmony. Ethnic details, such as geometric patterns and crowns, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
The Carpathian rug is a great way to add cultural flavor and tradition to your space, making it more special and unique.

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