Tapestry dimension 1,20х1,80m

A unique tapestry that was made especially for Zurich Design Week in September 2023 with an image created by artificial intelligence. It is an amazing combination of fantasy and technology with the traditional weaving method.
On the blue background, which symbolizes the boundless spatial celestial sphere, two pots stand out, located on top of each other, creating an unusual bridge. This bridge looks like it was made of milk. Its surface is smooth and reflects the surrounding vibrations, creating a sense of movement and an incredible space experience. The pots at either end of the bridge look like they're about to cross this strange cosmic path together.
Near the bridge, you can feel the cosmic vibrations moving around it. These vibrations are in the form of light streaks that smoothly wave and enhance the impression of this amazing moment.
The tapestry created by intelligence combines technological precision and creative expression, inviting the viewer into a virtual reality where there are no limits to imagination.


The tapestry measures 0.87x1.17m

This is a work of abstract art that captivates with its beauty and imaginary form. You will not find realistic images on this tapestry, but you will hear the language of colors, lines and fantasy.
A vase is an abstract form created using geometric lines and contours. Flowers are abstract spots of color that are freely located along the tapestry.
The colors in the tapestry play a central role in creating the effect of impressionism and emotional expressiveness. Bright and lively colors such as red, blue and yellow create an impression of wealth and spring life.
This abstract tapestry leaves room for interpretation and imagination. It will give your interior sophistication and art, as well as become a source of inspiration for conversation and discovery of new meanings in every detail.


The size of the tapestry is 0.8x1.2m

The tapestry Colors is an exquisite work of art, created from natural wool by hand, which surprises with its multifaceted colors and craftsmanship.
In this tapestry, the colors play the main role and create the impression of an explosion of life. Bright and saturated shades of various colors intertwine in intriguing patterns and abstract compositions that capture your eye.
A tapestry can resemble abstract art, where colors and shapes create a symphony on the canvas. It can impress with its depth and dynamics, as if each color stroke has its own voice and expression.
This tapestry evokes emotions and admiration with its brightness and vitality. It can serve not only as an art object, but also as a way to express your own style and individuality in your interior, creating a bright and joyful atmosphere.

Cossack Mamai

The tapestry measures 1.0x1.2m

This tapestry is a fascinating image that expresses the spirit of adventure, freedom and struggle, characteristic of Cossacks, and especially of the famous Cossack Mamai. This tapestry is handmade using natural materials and impresses with its picturesqueness and craftsmanship.
The "Cossack Mama" tapestry is not only a work of art, but also a way to express respect for the history and culture of Ukraine and the Cossacks. It can become an outstanding decorative element of your interior, which will give it spiritual and historical depth.
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