Rug dimension 1,50х2,00m

A black rug with extraordinary multi-colored flowers is a modern embodiment of a traditional Ukrainian carpet from the beginning of the twentieth century. On a black background there are bright and fantastic floral patterns that give the image extraordinary dynamics and vitality.
These flowers have extremely rich colors, from bright reds and oranges to deep blues and yellows. They look like enchanted flowers from a fairy-tale world that come to life on a black background.
This rug embodies a modern interpretation of Ukrainian folk art, where modern colors and designs are combined with classical motifs. This combination of tradition and modernity creates an impression of artistic harmony and draws attention to the richness of Ukrainian culture.
This rug impresses not only with its visual appearance, but also with the exquisite hand-weaving that is embedded in each of its fibers.
Craftswomen carefully created this masterpiece by hand, using high-quality natural wool. Then they successfully added the smallest details of the picture to each layer. Thread by thread, they created magical images of flowers, following the traditional Ukrainian art.


The rug size 1.50x2.00m

This rug is a true masterpiece of design and art. It is divided diagonally between black and white backgrounds, creating a contrasting image.
A large yellow-beige circle stands out on the black part of the carpet, which shines against the darkest background. This circle creates a focal point and draws attention to itself. On the white part, there are quaint flowers. They impress with a variety of shapes, many round petals and unpredictable contours. These flowers throw shadows in an unusual direction, giving the image depth and volume and also adds mystery.
Hand weaving has created a rug with incredible texture and exquisite artistry. The wool used for its manufacture adds natural warmth and softness to the rug.
This rug creates an atmosphere of mystery and immersion in the inner world. It reflects the opposition of light and darkness, creating an impression of balance and harmony. Such a rug will become not only a wonderful object of decoration, but also a source of inspiration for thinking and opening new perspectives.


The rug size 1.5x2.0m

This black wool rug is a true exquisite work of art, handcrafted from natural materials. On the black background of this rug are geometric shapes, which give it its special asymmetry and order.
Geometric shapes have different sizes and shapes, creating the impression of complex structures and depth. Small flowers are scattered between these geometric patterns, which give the rug tenderness and softness. They create a contrast to the geometric lines and give this work artistic harmony.
The hand-weaving of the rug gives it a personal charm and uniqueness. Each thread is laid with attention to detail, creating an unmatched quality and texture. This rug will serve not only as a decoration for the room, but also emphasizes the craftsmanship that reflects the harmony and balance between geometric shapes and the tenderness of nature.
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