Welcome to the world of natural wool rugs!

You now possess a stylish and cozy piece of nature. It's like warm and gentle embraces for your feet, and we're confident it will become your favorite spot in your home. Please follow these care instructions to ensure your rug remains happy and healthy for many years to come:

Regularly vacuum your rug: Your rug loves being vacuumed, just as you enjoy being hugged. So, please vacuum it gently every week to remove any dust or dirt that might accumulate.

Let it soak up the sun: Wool rugs adore sunlight. Therefore, please take your rug for a sunbath from time to time, preferably on a bright and sunny day. This will help refresh the fibers and give your rug a natural shine.

Keep it dry: Your rug, like a cat, dislikes water. Hence, please keep it away from moisture or spills. Accidents happen, and if your rug gets wet or stained, don't worry. Blot the area with a clean towel or cloth, and if necessary, use a mild soapy solution. Always test any cleaning agents on a small area first and avoid bleach or aggressive chemicals. And please, never put it in the washing machine or dryer unless you want it to turn into a tiny sweater.

That's all there is to it! Most importantly, enjoy your natural wool rug. It's a beautiful and cozy addition to your home that will provide warmth and comfort for many years to come.
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